Description: Industrial Grade Rock Salt Grit Bin Size: Litres (holds 12 x 20 kilo bags) Colour: Yellow Bulk discounts available, call sales on Make sure you're ready for winter and stock up with Pro-Salt, a brown rock salt grit made in the UK. Available for nationwide delivery. Grit Bin Kit – (Green / Pure Rock Salt). The full kit to fulfill all your requirements – everything you will need. A full kit to fulfil every need and. Grit for ice. Submitted 10 months ago. By Darci. From Newtownabbey. Verified Buyer. Great product, it does what it's susposed too. Bottom Line Yes, I would. Rock salt has been the preferred product for councils and members of the general public for many years. Pitchcare also supply magic ice melt, ice melt liquid.

Our 25kg small bags of White Rock Salt De-Icing Grit are the perfect option if you need a small amount of rock salt for your project. Buy rock salt and winter grit from Pattersons Cleaning Supplies. Do not get caught out this winter and buy your winter salt now. Environmental Measures. The release of grit salt dust into the environment does not pose a significant environmental hazard. Precautions for Storage & Handling. Save with Multi-Bag Purchase. 25kg of Rock Salt Per Bag. from £ View Range · Lockable and Secure Grit Bins. & Litre Lockable Grit Bins. Description. The material used by the Highways Agency is a pure white salt combined with a 6mm grit (hence the term "gritters"), which not. Actual bag weight may vary due to the level of moisture within the product; Used to disperse ice and to provide a grit surface. De-Icing Salt 10KG Bag For Clearing Roads Paths Driveways Garden Areas Unwanted Ice & Snow Melt with Grit Salts Cleaner Winter rock salt for weeds Effective. Gritting salt is a winter essential. Use to prevent accidents and slips on high traffic areas like steps, paths and carparks. Spreading de-icing salt on. This Rock Salt/Grit Bin with Lockable Lid has a wide opening to make dispensing easy and is fitted with fork pockets to aid movement from location to. This rock salt from Dandy's gardening supplies is perfect for melting snow and ice on your paths, walkways and driveways. Highly effective and very reliable. We are suppliers of brown rock salt and white de-icing salt within the Birmingham area, ideal for de-icing roads, driveways & footpaths.

Brown Rock Salt: Conforms to BS, the British Standard for de-icing salt. Traditionally known as 'road grit'. Raw, indigenous product mined in the. What you get is pure rock salt that disappears without leaving sand and grit everywhere. How is the De-icing Rock Salt delivered? Bulk bag and poly bag. We use rock salt (grit) to treat the roads, pedestrian areas and stock grit bins. This page provides information on how grit works and how it keeps our roads. Crushed, pink/brown rock salt used for clearing and preventing ice or snow at your home or business premises. Paths; Roads; Driveways. Loweroak rock salt. The good news is that there is no need to stick to rock salt for de-icing frosty and icy surfaces. EcoGrit Concentrate is an organic, biodegradable and safe. Description. Complete with kg (8x25kg Rock Salt) our Litre Grit bin has everything you need to be winter ready. The most popular version within our range. Rock salt is a mixture of salt (sodium chloride) and grit, and is used to help de-ice roads in winter. Rock salt can be a danger to pets such as dogs and. Bulk Density. Delivered product has a bulk density of approximately 1, kg/m. For more information on Dryrox 6mm rock salt, contact us on or. Brown rock salt for thawing ice and snow. Rock salt is ideal for gritting paths, driveways or roads. Rock Salt spread before ice or snow prevents a build up.

Discover the collection of salt grit from Slingsby. Speak to one of our experts and find the best solution for your workplace. Shop now with free delivery. Rock Salt is the salt that most people refer to when they mention grit salt or road salt. Brown Salt is nearly always used on the roads, being spread by. Rock Salt Grit Suppliers Northern Ireland, Belfast. Locally mined rock salt grit and imported white salt and de-icers. Suppliers of grit spreaders. Rock Salt (Winter Grit) Bag 25kg · Quality white road salt de-icer in approx. · For general use on roads, paths, car parks etc. · Effective at clearing snow /. When winter's icy grip threatens to turn your paths and driveways into treacherous hazards, turn to our top-quality rock salt grit solution, Ice Breaker.

Fast acting pure de - icing rock salt. Ideal for foot paths, driveways and car parks. Specially graded to conform to BS this de - icing salt has.

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