Ten years after a coup, Honduras remains deeply polarised. Mass protests and the government's heavy-handed response have damaged the economy and sparked deadly. Honduras faces great challenges related to systemic corruption, political interference in the justice system, and human rights violations in a context of. Save the Children has been in Honduras for more than 30 years helping keep children learning, healthy and safe. Learn more. Honduras is rated Partly Free in Freedom in the World , Freedom House's annual study of political rights and civil liberties worldwide. Honduras. The government system is a presidential republic; the chief of state and head of government is the president. Honduras has a mixed economic system which.

Compared to men, many more women from Honduras live in poverty, confront various levels of gender violence daily, have no income of their own and, on average. Hola / Hello from Honduras Honduras is a land of wild beauty. It's rich with abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery. It also faces extreme poverty. In fact. Honduras gained independence from Spain in The country was then briefly annexed to the Mexican Empire. In , Honduras joined the newly formed United. The project will work with civil society and workers' organizations in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to strengthen their capacity. Honduras Country Overview | World Health Organization. “The Long Honduran Night breaks the deafening silence that has followed recent American intervention in Honduras. It graphically documents the awful legacy of. The United States Mission in Honduras carries out bilateral relations with Honduras. Honduran policies and concerns. Services provided by the U.S. Mission. INTERPOL in Honduras. The INTERPOL NCB in Tegucigalpa is Honduras's lead agency for taking national criminal investigations beyond national borders when. Diversifying to Higher-Value Crops. As a cornerstone of its efforts in Honduras, Feed the Future helps farmers grow a variety of crops, in addition to the. The Long Honduran Night: Resistance, Terror, and the United States in the Aftermath of the Coup [Frank, Dana] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Christopher Columbus was the first explorer to land in Honduras. 4. At the Mayan city of Copan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there is a set of hieroglyphic.

Following the overthrow of Anastasio Somoza in Nicaragua in and general instability in El Salvador at the time, the Honduran military accelerated plans to. Hondurans are the citizens of Honduras. Most Hondurans live in Honduras, although there is also a significant Honduran diaspora, particularly in the United. Honduras has a protection mechanism for journalists, but it suffers from a lack of funding and inexperienced staff. This undermines the implementation of its. Member State: Honduras · President (Presidente): · Secretary of State in the Offices of International Relations and International Cooperation (Secretario de. A disproportionate number of Central American migrants traveling through Mexico to the United States come from Honduras, driven by government corruption. Right to health. Health services remained under serious strain. Honduras continued to invest far less in public health than the 6% of GDP recommended by the WHO. But in the s and s, Honduras became the staging ground for the U.S.-backed covert war against Latin American communism. A U.S. trained military. Why World Vision is in Honduras. Honduras continues to struggle from a severe drought, violence, lack of access to quality education, and unemployment. The. Honduras - Politics, Economy, Society: Since acquiring independence in , Honduras has constitutionally been a democratic, representative, unitary state.

The Economist Intelligence Unit · Honduras · Growth in Latin America will moderate in · Organised crime keeps security risks high in Latin America. Political Overview. A republic since , Honduras has a history of political instability and rule by the military. However, a democratic transition has been. The World Mosquito Program is partnering with Médecins Sans Frontières in Honduras to protect communities from mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, Zika. U.S.-Honduras Trade Facts Honduras is currently our 48th largest goods trading partner with $ billion in total (two way) goods trade during Honduras · Honduras faces growing vulnerabilities, including political and social conflicts, climate change, forced displacement and migration. · Nearly one.

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