Usually, a stamp that has never been used and is in “mint” condition is more valuable than the same stamp that has been used. Keep your stamps in a condition as. We at the Northern Philatelic Society and Library often work with Golden Valley Stamp Auctions. If you approach them they will give you one minute quick. The most common question that I get asked as a dealer is "How much are my stamps worth?". · Unless you are an experienced collector it is very unlikely that you. Most stamp albums are arranged chronologically. This means that the older (and more valuable) stamps are on the first few pages. Are these pages empty? Are. A crease is clearly evident on the surface of the stamp and will result in a more common stamp being worth between one fifth and one-tenth of catalogue.

A stamp collection is an interesting hobby that allows the owner to get stamps from many time periods, each with a unique value. If you have a stamp like this. Why Consider Selling Your Stamps To - Or Through - Sandafayre. We are one of the world's leading philatelic auctioneers and specialist dealers, established for. Selling your stamp collection through an auction house, in return for a percentage of the profits, can offer unrivalled exposure to philatelic specialists and. 2. The catalog values are for stamps with Very Fine centering in perfect condition. Stamps not as well centered or have faults are worth much less. Our retail. Looking to get your Stamps appraised? ValueMyStuff has Stamps valuation Today, stamp collecting is still one of the most popular hobbies, as one can easily. The seller receives an agreed amount of money immediately and there is no fee. The seller can place the stamps with a dealer on consignment. The seller should. Many sellers will apply the $ value to all of their common stamps, making their valuation of their collection astronomical, when in fact it may have little. Confirm you have a valuable stamp collection. You have found a reputable stamp buyer that can make the process of selling your valuable stamp collection easy. In selling to, or through, a dealer, you should expect to receive approximately 20% to 30% of the collectionʼs catalogue value. Dealers almost always discount. For investing purposes, the value of stamps depends on demand, trends, origin, and condition of a stamp. Unused stamps are more valuable than used ones. However.

Buying and Selling U.S. and worldwide postage stamps for stamp collectors. ** in British “old” money, generally stamps above the 1/- (one shilling) face value. Stamp collections are less likely (unlikely) to have value if: ​They are. - Most mid-priced material, say from $1 to $, is sold to stamp dealers to resell to their customers. Your collection could be sold as one unit, or if you. The easiest way to know what your stamp's value is. Search by photo or text description. Huge stamp catalogue with complete information about most. Look for bright, original coloring in the stamp's design. The most valuable stamp illustrations are vibrant—faded or eroded colors make it less valuable. Fading. An auction house is one of the most trusted ways to sell stamps. You will receive quality advice about selling your collection and benefit from years of. Stamps are typically graded on a scale from superb to below average. Typically, anything below good isn't thought to be worth including in a collection. Just. Auctions: There are many stamp auction houses that specialize in selling stamp collections. · Dealers: Look for a local stamp dealer who specializes in buying. Discolouration, creasing, and tears will lower the value of a stamp and in turn, the overall value of a collection. A collection that includes a number of mint.

In addition: I can't appraise a stamp or a collection by phone. Try sending my pamphlet IF YOU HAVE STAMPS TO SELL plus What Are My Stamps Worth? Priced. High (worth more than $3,): Auction houses typically accept only high value collections. Medium (worth $1,$3,); Low (worth up to $1,). Once you. Whether you are buying or selling rare stamps, a stamp collecting price guide helps you to put a value on each item. The condition the stamps are in also. A good rule of thumb is the older the stamp and the higher the denomination on it, the higher the value. For example, mailing a parcel in for $5 would be. An off-center stamp, a stamp with one or two minor flaws, or a stamp with a heavy cancel, might fetch 20% of the catalog value or less. At a certain point of.

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